Good morning all!

I am hoping you tech vid guys can assist me with a tiny problem Iím having, and provide some general advice for me.

I would be really grateful if you could help.

Iíve been asked to prepare a DVD file to be uploaded to a website. Software I have access to is Adobe Premier (Iím aware there are other programs out there, but Iím restricted to this one) and Flash.

The story so far:

I only have the DVD to use for the process, so Iíve tried using free software (Prism converter) to change the DVD to an AVI file so that I could edit it in Premier. Initially when I did this the file was 35gb and for some strange reasons would not move onto my external hd with 350gb free space (as it said that there was no room{which there was}}

I then used the converted 35gb file to make a a .mov file with the same software, and it came out as a 50mb file. This file played fine on both VLC and WMP, but when I tried to load into Premier it did not come up (in fact, any file I load into premier (even when it says it imports) does not come up.

This file also did not work on Microsoft movie maker either.

Here are my questions.

  • I have a DVD file, and it needs to converted to a suitable format for the web, whatís the best option here?
  • Once I have the file converted, how can I best use Premier to make the file web ready (e.g. format for light loading time on web)
  • What are some good free programs for converting DVDís into a file format Premier will recognise?
  • I read the FAQ and there was mention on converting a DVD to a .swf file. Is this a good approach? What is a good free program for this?

Iím sure my questions will raise more question. I want to thank the forum members again for any help they may be able to provide. Just to remind you, Iím stuck with Premier and flash, and would like options for both is possible.

I just noticed I have encore also, would this program be suitable to use?