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Thread: Help needed - downloading in AVI format

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    Default Help needed - downloading in AVI format

    I have a question on downloading video from my Sony camcorder to my computer. I am using Nero and see 2 options for the download format - MPEG and AVI.

    If I download in AVI, it gives me much better video quality than with MPEG. However, when I play back the downloaded AVI video on my computer, the video does not play smoothly (as if someone continuously pressed the 'pause' button). If I download in MPEG format, it does not suffer from this problem.

    Do you have any insights into why the AVI video may not be playing smoothly?


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    Either your system can't play the movie because it needs beefing up. OR if you think it's good enough. You may need to do some house keeping on you PC. Do a defrag.

    Is you HD getting full ? I have found once you have use about 75% of a HD it does not work as efficiently as it use to.

    Some media players and editing software don't work a efficiently as some others when playing files. Try alternative if needed.

    These are some common reasons, there are others.

    Hope this helps.

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