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Thread: Legal matter; copyright for videogame replays

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    Default Legal matter; copyright for videogame replays


    I am currently creating a "commercial" for a car model of a brand that I work for, the video is solely intended as an internal video. I am going to suggest that we aim at video and computer gamers, and to prove my point I intend to use some replays of this car model from a computer game. Of course I do not have any copyrights for this game, but what about my replays. It is me driving, on my copy of the game, on my computer, does this matter? I will capture this using FRAPS, if there is no integrated tool to export video format, which there is in other games (like Forza Motorsport 3).

    I will of course use no music from the game.

    This would not be a problem if I just wanted to upload a video on youtube, but now I will show it to the board of directors, and I cannot guarantee that no one will send this video to "external people", meaning that it is imperative that the video is by the book...

    Anyone know the answer?

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    try contacting the game company, thats were i would start.

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    When you first loaded the game on your computer you did what most of us do just clicked on "agree" and didn't read the licence agreement. That is where your answer is, in all that small print. Good luck.

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    All games eulas would very likely totally prohibit use of anything whatsover.

    Personally - for non paying work I enjoy the wholesale rape of anything copyrighted

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