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Thread: Upgrading from JVC Mini DV

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new here, but I hope to become an active member on your forum.

    For my first post, I need some advice on a replacement for our current camcorder. We have a JVC GR-DX107Ek Camcorder, which is to be honest a nice little unit and done well for a few years.

    The problem came when I started copying videos shot on the camcorder onto my pc. The camera came with Pixela, which works ok in terms of its easy to use, but the quality is terrible. In particular the size of the video is very small and obviously stretching it just makes it very grainy.
    Secondly the sound is out by at least a second. So lip sync looks bad on anything captured.

    So with christmas coming up, my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to something newer and better.

    Having looked around online, there are just too many to choose from and I really need some help cutting it down.

    I like the idea of the new hard disk models, that would make things far simpler for me. HD would be nice as if I make a DVD it would be great if it looked good on our tv I guess.

    However the main thing I want is easy to use built in software for getting the movies onto my pc. I am not really into complex editing on my pc, although I have played with it in the past. Ideally USB rather than Firewire for connecting the devices.

    I also like to take stills from the videos and would like these to be better quality than what the jvc produces. One of the main uses I personally have for the camera is filming myself in Karate competitions and then watching my fights back afterwards to spot mistakes etc, so the camera needs to have a nice optical zoom and be able to keep up with the action.

    We are not looking for a cheapy camera, happy to pay for whats right within reason.

    I look forward to any advice you have, I am hoping I dont have to go into a shop and face being pushed into something that perhaps earns the salesman a better commission.


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    Hi Paulears,

    Thankyou very much for taking the time to reply to my post.

    Solid state was not something I had considered, but I will look into it now.

    My main concern is the resolution once its on my pc, but I would imagine HD would sort that out. I have seen a few posts on here indicating some "HD" camcorders are not true HD.


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