Hi all, hope someone can help,

A couple of year ago I copied some video onto dvd via a comcorder to dvd recorder. This plays ok on my tv.

Just recently our beloved dog "Seth" has passed away and he is who the video is of. I want to make a small compilation of film that we have, as a small
gift for my wife this Christmas.

I have tried to play and copy this dvd video onto my computer but nothing responds and it does not play and I cannot load to create a movie. My knowledge of video editing is very limited, so I was wondering if it was something I was doing. Is there another way I can get the video uploaded?

Basic info: Camcorder (I no longer have) was a small cassette.
Recorded onto dvd by connecting camcorder to dvd recorder.
Video editing I have is Corel digital studio on a laptop
and an old version of pinnicle on pc

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards