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Thread: What programme is used here

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    Default What programme is used here

    there are particle effects in this video, what software is used to generate this animation?
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    I don't know what was used to create this but I like it.

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    looks very sleek, is it final cut pro?

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    Default NACUE Christmas Video

    Hey hey,

    The snow partial effects along with the rest of the animation were made with Adobe After Effects CS4 although you can also use CS3 all the way down to much earlier versions because we simply used the "ParticalWorld" partial generator that comes standard in After Effects.

    We spread the X, Y, and Z axes of the generator far apart such that the snow would seem to fall from a large surface area (the sky) and tweaked the velocity, gravity and partial birth values to make the particles look light and fluffy. We than added a camera which can maneuver in 3D space giving us the effect of moving around in the snow as it fell; esentially making a 2D After Effects composition into a 3D one.

    Much better snow effects can be created with 3rd party plug-ins for After Effects that would include wind etc. but we wanted to keep it simple.

    Hope that helps!

    Cyprian Szalankiewicz

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    Thanks for the info. I liked you promo video.

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    Default Thank you

    Hey guys, hope you all had a great start to your New Year! Glad you liked it, if you're interested we're launching some more promo videos today and this week, they'll be floating around on YouTube if you search "nacue".



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    I was going to say... nothign there not do-able in After Effects but I think there is one thing (or at least I don't know the plugin to generate it). The fancy swirly graphic at the very start. However, I know where that can be done or very similar.

    Fancy swirly graphic - particle Illusion 3.
    Snow - I would use Trapcode particular in AE.
    and the cool movement to the title in 3D space. Check out Andrew Kramers tutorials on 'Sure Target' over at

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