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Thread: Need Advice:making a music video with AutoTune effect

  1. Smile Need Advice:making a music video with AutoTune effect

    Hey guys,

    I would like to take a video i have of someone talking and apply that auto tune sound effect with a catchy beat to make it sound like a song...
    Im sure you seen this done before..if not heres some samples...

    Slap Chop remix

    Auto Tune the news

    I never really played with audio effects before like this so im not sure on how i should go about it....
    Should i rip the sound of the person talking then make the song then reapply the sound to the video and try to get the lips to sync?...Seems like it would be kinda hard to get the lips to sync with the words after going through the editing and not to mention all the cuts in the video..

    Also anyone know of any good tutorials on doing the Auto Tune effect with the Adobe Suite?(Audition or Soundbooth)...Most the ones i find for Audition is for "Real time" effect so im not sure if it is what im looking for.(im open to using any other type of (Windows) software that would help me with this )

    Thanks for any advice you guys can give ...

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    First I would make sure I have permission (licences) to use any music, speech or video. IMHO, simply stealing the media woukld be unlawful and rude.

    Auto-Tune is from Antares Audio Technologies .
    One alternative is Mellodyne from celemony_ :: News .

    These are not cheap bits of software; but Antares to provide a free, time limited version. As far as I know Audition can handle VST effects.

    I have not used AT from Audition, but I do use it with Cubase5. There are various ways to trigger the pitch changes. It is possible to 'draw' them on the screen or to use MIDI.

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