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Thread: What do I need?

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    Default What do I need?

    I have a Sony IP55 digital video camera and an AJP high spec laptop, equipped with firewire. The camera came with the standard Sony MovieShaker program.

    I want to be able to transfer footage to the PC, do some basic editting then put the result to a DVD, that will be useable in standard DVD players.

    Is this possible, I have seen the Sony EZ editor package but cannot find details about it, also it includes a firewire card which i don't need.

    I also want to be able to put stills to a DVD, ie photographs, and make them playable in a slide show on normal DVD players.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Simon Walker

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    First u need a powerful computer to edit video so use which ever 1 is better. I have for example a P4 2.4 CPU with 1 gig ram memory and a ATI video card with 128 megs series 9700. I got no problemos with it.
    as for software, i have tried many: Pinnacle Edition 5, Movee shop, Adobe Premiere 7 etc. I love Edition, very complex but complete. it is a professional software. If u want more of a "home" edition software, you can go with Pinnacle Studio 8. I heard it is friendly and very well designed. Most of my friends like Studio cause it is simple and not expensive. Edition is expensive but worth it. Many sophisticated features, specially the special effects. I was able to add my photographs as well with nice music in the background. and it is the best software to create DVD as it comes with a built in DVD burner and compiler. enabling to do very nice DVD menus with buttons (play, stop, next etc) and all.
    So far it is the only software I know of that can do it all.
    If you work it out in your laptop, all you then need is a network cross over cable to connect your laptop to the PC and transfer your work from and to the laptop.

    hope this can help.


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    All that I would add to that is to try and keep your spend to a minimum now. Video editing can prove a rather expensive hobby - perhaps more expensive than it should be . There's a plethora of freeware apps out there that will do the job adequately, once you've mastered these and got the bug, then it's time to move on to the more "sophistacated" software such as Premiere.

    But for now, if you have winXP, I'd download the lastest version of Windows Movie Maker and have a play with that. This will enable you to transfer your footage to your PC, do basic editing and output your first edited video. You'll then need a further application to author and burn your DVD with menus, and again you can download trials for programmes such as Ulead DVD MovieFactory. Check out for further details.

    So, in summary, if you're just starting, I'd thoroughly recommend you try before you buy. Not all apps are suited to everyone, after all

    As for the stills on DVD, don't take this as a recommendation, but Ulead do an application called DVD picture show. Again, you can download a trial from their site.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums
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    To: Marc Peters

    First of all, the link I gave is not my site, it's official Pinnacle online shop (you can check it in the Pinnacle company).

    The link doesn't contain referrer parametrs.

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    I think Marc's point is not the sincerity of your advertising but the simple fact that your first post was for the purposes of advertising at all when the forums were not put together for that purpose.

    Your intentions may have indeed been honourable but the way in which you hijacked people's discussion threads (plural) and threw in your advertising does, I'm afraid, label you more of a 'spammer' than a 'contributor' in the eyes of the regular posters here in the forums.

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    Of course I didn't want to look like a spammer.
    I've just gave the chance to buy these products much cheaper than in the shops to the "beginners" in Video Editing area.

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    dude, you're so full of it...

    "first of all, the link I gave is not my site"


    "I'll ship the items fist." (sic)


    "I can sell new Pinnacle products"

    AND for payment and delivery options, apparently, we've to email you. I'm tempted to excercise the new swear filter to breaking level.

    Don't be an idiot, don't take us for fools, don't argue when you're clearly lying.

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    "Don't be an idiot, don't take us for fools, don't argue when you're clearly lying."

    Idiot is a person who blame for somebody without checking facts.

    First check the link, then check my offer (do not forget to pay after you get the goods) and only after this write the comments.

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