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Thread: Shooting from an Angle (the disappearing nose)

  1. Default Shooting from an Angle (the disappearing nose)

    Can we ask what might be an embarrassingly naive question?
    When filming with a green screen (so not much width of field); when you want to shoot from an angle, do you move the green screen or just get the talent to turn? But then dont you have to reposition the key , fill & back lights?
    To avoid this our first video was shot entirely from the front & even then when Allison turned to the side at one point her nose kept disappearing when we chromakeyed it!
    What's the easiest way to do this without tearing the set apart?

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    You can just get the talent to turn but remember if you are putting together composite or a number of people together with the same background you may not get the right perspective if one is shot from an angle and the others from the front, if you know what I mean. you can move the camera and try an position it so you get a different shot but keep the green screen fully in shot you may need to move closer to the talent for this.

    I hope you understand what I'm trying to say as it's harder to explain that to do.

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    Thanks Midnight
    Yes we understand what you mean, getting the same perspective on everyone to be in the scene was another reason we didnt attempt angled shots before.
    But what about the lighting, if the talent turns are there rules about the lighting moving? Like when Allison turned sideways & we lost her nose.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    The same rules apply to what ever position the talent is. As for Allison's green nose well we best not get into that.

    You may need to move the key or fill light slightly if the talent turning causes a shadow. I think this is were real experience comes in and I don't really have any. :(

    Gaffer is the lighting king in this forum.

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    I came across this thread again and realised you didn't mention about shots closer and further away. I understand you have the limitations of the width of your green screen as the furthest away you can shoot. BUT don't forget some nice close ups would add to your video without worrying about tricky angles.

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    My boys are out in the snow attacking the neighbours' kids so I'm setting up the lounge to film Allison tonight.
    If we were 25 years younger our video would be full of close ups, as the years increase so does the distance a woman would rather her face be photographed from!


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    Thats why god invented soft focus effect.

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    I'm sure many of the men here would agree we'd rather see laughter lines and crows feet than collogen and botox. And I suppose you could always use a nose double
    (Which for some reason brings twin packs of Kleenex to mind)

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    Ha Ha, Allison will be absolutely mortified when I tell her she needs a nose double


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