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    Hey all, new here, so excuse me if this is in the wrong section.

    I was searching around the forums/other sites and couldn't find anything about the kind of software i need, not even a name. I'm looking to place several 'bookmarks' into a large video file, so that they can be indexed, and links can be created after so that a user could start the video from the 'bookmark'.

    For example, of a 6 hour video file, i may want a bookmark at hour 1, 2, 3, etc, so that users could jump to that section.

    If anyone has info,help, the actual terms used for this (i know indexing/bookmark arn't them) or software (both free or paid) that would do this for me, or make it easier, please let me know...


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    Sounds like you're talking 'chapters' as in a DVD or a Bluray? Vegas can add markers which then become chapters when the finished file is imported into DVD architect.

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    Didn't think of it like that, but yes chapters sound to be exactly what i will be needing. Unfortunantly, i've never done anything like this (can you tell?) i work in public relations and am just trying to help a client with something. I'm relatively tech savvy, however, so i'm sure with the proper tools in front of me i can do it.

    The video i will be getting will be in high-res dvd format straight off a real, is there a specific format that would be easies to add these 'chapters' too before i import them to DVD architect? (i'm assuming dvd architect is sort of software to recompile the raw video into a working DVD?)

    If that is the case, i do not need a real DVD, the finished video file with 'chapters' will be uploaded to a web site so that users could access them there...


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    When you say "hi-res" I assume you mean Hi Definition? (Hi res is a term usually used for still photography). If you want chapters/bookmarks in a video being accessed via the web it's a whole different ball game. DVDA is a DVD authoring programme. I'm not aware of any software that can do what you want. Hopefully, someone else will jump in here and advise further.

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    any ideas if, perhaps, i could edit the file (put in the chapters) as if it was a physical DVD, and then just 'rip' the dvd file back onto the harddrive, and upload that file (after having converted it to .mov or .mpg etc)?

    thanks by the way for all your help so far

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    No, can't see that working. You need either a hardware or software DVD player to access the chapters (and that's without getting into .VOB files etc!)
    Why not upload each small video, with a hyperlink on the web page to each?

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    the file we have is a large file (6 hours +).

    We were trying to avoid having to pay someone to edit it professionally :(.

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