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Thread: NCR Podcast: Cardiff Film Premiere

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    Smile NCR Podcast: Cardiff Film Premiere

    Newport City Radio Podcasts: Cardiff Film Premiere

    I'm currently producing video news podcasts for Newport City Radio. The first is now online. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Well written, well put together, well executed.
    It was helped tremendously being able to get interviews with all those team members.

    Points which could be improved in my opinion.

    Some of the lighting for the interviews was poor - the interviewee's were in semi silhouette against much lighter backgrounds.

    Jump cut at 1.13. We're getting used to these interview snippets where they're so short a cutaway doesn't really work. What I see on TV in such circumstances is a brief dissolve.

    Your narration, whilst clear, is just a bit too fast. It sounds like you're rushing to get through it.

    The clips of the film (or at least the first in each sequence of clips) could perhaps do with a caption. In fact I'm surprised the production company didn't insist on a copyright notice on each. Incidentally, the captions for each of the interviewees were nice and big and bold - and legible in the small format web viewer. Well done for that!

    My only other comment was, whilst I know this wasn't a trailer, having missed the name of the film at the beginning, I had to wait right until the end, long after I'd become interested in it, to discover what it was called. I think it needs a bit more emphasis when you first mention it - maybe supported by a title card/poster as at the end, and emntionig by name a couple of times in the narration.

    Of course if you caption the clips with the neame of the film, that would serve the same purpose.

    It's great to see you getting your work "out there". Keep plugging away.

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    I agree with Tim well done a nicely put together piece.

    Maybe for the interviews at night a camera mounted light would be a good idea.

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