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Thread: NYC subway musicians, canon 7D

  1. Default NYC subway musicians, canon 7D

    sound recorded with sennheiser mke400 straight into camera

    more info here
    New York City Sounds: Underground Music: Canon 7D, 1080/24p Mike Kobal

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    I have to say this didn't work for me.

    Filming musicians at work can be tricky with only one camera.

    If you want the images to reflect what the muso is playing then you have to let it it run and you basically end up with one long shot. This can be fine if you have enough cutaways but you can easily end up with a sort of "wandering aimlessly" shot of the musician as we have in the first long shot of the sax player (starts with a face, then wanders down to the fingers, then seems to decide against this and wanders back again).

    If you want to totally divorce the images from the music, that's also fine, but to my mind they must be totally divorced. Here we have a mixture as if you're not sure what to do with the footage. The wide shot of the sax player clearly wasn't playing the music. Similarly SOME of the guitarist was, and some wasn't. Perhaps if you "treated" the "non-live" clips in some way to make it clear this wasn't "live" that might help.

    I just don't think this halfway house works.

    I also thought the opening shot was held for about twice as long as it need be.

    But that's just me.....

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