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Thread: Music vid for Zolabud's - Lower East Side

  1. Default Music vid for Zolabud's - Lower East Side

    I just finished editing a music video that I produced and directed as well. Was hoping to maybe get some thoughts on it if possible;

    It's the first music video I've actually shot (have one other that I used to promote myself for the job but was cut, from footage of a pilot for a drama series that I made, as payment to the band that provided me all the music). Once I brought the footage home, I saw a ton of stuff I wish I'd have done, but I'll brush that off as being rusty in the creative side of Directing as have been doing mostly videographer related work for the last several years.

    Band's super happy with the end product - which is always a good thing. The wall walking concept was there own, to give a hopeful message at the end with them finally meeting up after following one another, and some smiles are exchanged for the first time in the vid. The exteriors were there sticking point, but they did let me change up the interiors quite a bit.

    The interior shots they were looking to just do black background with the singers standing, singing, and the guitarist on a stool, and that's it. So pretty glad they let me change that part up quite a bit, and put some story into it. Changed set to lower east van apartment. Real junky type place, with a real awkward, distant tension between the vocalists. I think I delivered that part pretty good, but, please, you be the judge.

    Let me know everything you liked, didn't like, etc.

    Aside from this video, I now have another band lined up to shoot January hopefully, and it sounds like this band wants to hire me for another video in Feb/March as they gear up for a CD release in June. I'm going to start a series pilot in May as well. Comedy this time. Have been working on my bible for some time. It's pretty funny I think, now just need to try and deliver a nice finished product. Nice to be doing creative pieces again. Makes me happy to use that part of my brain Very glad I've decided to change my focus, despite the shot to the wallet.

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    Thanks for posting your video. It should be in the user video section if you wanted a critique. BUT you asked for comments so heres my view. With this type of song I would have gone for a much stronger narrative. I know you put some in but not enough. The song it's self while being ok is not strong enough to carry the video at this pace so needs more to keep the viewer interest up.

    It was well shot with no particular editing issues but this is your strong side. Like you said you are a bit out of practise on the creative side.

    Get what the band/song writer is really trying to communicate with the song. It's then your responsibility to interpret that within the visual context while making it in such a way that the intended viewer will want to watch it to the end. If the song has thought provoking lyrics the visuals should reflect that.

    I think you know what I'm saying. Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble.

    Good luck with your next project.

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    Well shot nicely edited little video. I disagree with Midnight Blue I think there's sufficient content within it to hold the attention. Its a nice simple song that doesn't need to go deep enough to justify stronger visuals. For me, a nice balance.

    Lip sync was spot on pity about the guitar finger picking being a bit off.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    This is, I suppose, the problem that music video makers face. People have different opinions. Thank goodness.

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    That was great.
    Unexpectedly upbeat twist at the end.
    You have an eye for telling a story.
    Only really bad bit that jumped out at me was the jump cut at 1.25
    If you seriously want feedback rather than views, post this in the "User Vids" section.
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    Thanks all for the feedback. And I'll make sure to post the next one in the User Vids section. They were happy enough with it to hire me back for another. Getting more lee-way this time in terms of creativity too which is nice. The only thing they've requested is that there's some shots of them playing live on a stage. Still need to discuss there thoughts about the song to get going, but pretty excited. Song is 'Smiling Again' and can be heard here; ZOLABUD on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos . Anyone feel free to check it out if you like, and if you have any ideas you think would be cool for the song, let me know. I offer nothing in return but a thanks

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