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Thread: Video: hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Are u gonna eat that scorpion ?

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    Default Video: hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Are u gonna eat that scorpion ?

    please let me share with you the experience of hiking for 3 days to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in search of the magical blue waters of Havassu my video it's only 5min long..and if you really enjoy it, please pass it along.

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    I delete your duplicates posted to other sections.

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    Default sorry

    my bad ...didn't notice

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    I loved your enthusiasm through out the piece, this helped make it very watchable. You did a good job of filming in what must have been difficult circumstances.

    There was a few sound issues which could have been handled in post for example the interview with the lady in the village. You did a good job generally to editing down the whole journey into under 6 mins. I'm sure I would have left in far to much if I'd have done it.

    I thought it was a great video.

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    Default to midnight blue

    hey thanks for the feedback.
    Now, all of the feedback I've got so far on this video has been nothing but praise. Which is good, helps the ego and all but you've mentioned something about the sound that I could really use. So please elaborate on it. Please tell me exactly what the issues with sound are in your opnion so I can take a look and make it better next time. Again, thank you very much for the feedback.

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    The talking during the interview is a Little quiet, I could hardly hear what the lady was saying. I'm sure she was speaking quietly but you could have handled this during editing. The narration while clear and enthusiastic has a tonal quality which sounds like it was recorded in a shoe box.

    These are minor points which didn't detract from what I think is a great video.

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    Default to midnight blue

    thanks midnight. I think I can fix both things for the next recording now that I'm aware of it.
    Now let me tell you what my set up is to do the voice over, maybe you can send me suggestions on how to do the next voice over/narration.
    I use my iphone with a radioshack mic , and the voice gets recorded in the application called italk Premium. The quality should be great. But I think what killed was the small room where i was when I recorded. Maybe that is what gave the "shoe box" feeling you mentioned...any suggestions ? I don't have much experience with sound and definitely don't have the $$$ to invest in higher quality recording devices. Thanks again

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    I'm sorry, do you mean you use you iphone as a mic or you plug a mic into your iphone so you can use the italk application ?

    This is what I would do. Use the best mic you can afford, if you can't afford one use the mic on the camera. Set up an area with a neutral sound to the room. Have a screen in front of the mic to stop pops sounds when saying certain syllables like P and B etc. This could be an old stocking stretch around some wire.

    Sit in front of the mic and have it about 6 inches away from you and do a test recording to get the right balance. Listen for any background artifacts like fans, traffic etc that you may not have noticed. Once you are happy with the sound and have rehearsed record away to your device.

    Most editing software will let you record directly into it. So you don't have to use your iphone.

    During editing make a note of any unevenness in volume and correct it. If you need to you could use the editing software tools to handle any room noise or tonal issues you couldn't deal with physically.

    I hope this helps.

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    A great video, your enthusiastic commentary really made the footage come alive.
    It was let down by poor sound as previously mentioned. We struggled to hear a lot of it.
    It might not be too late to redeem it though, there's plenty of audio applications that could give you a good shot at improving the sound.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I'm normally the first to complain about sound, but strangely I didn't have as much of a problem as others who have posted - yes it's poor but I had no trouble undertstanding (and no, I couldn't understand the subtitles)
    The exception was the interview with Linda, but I managed to cope with the rest.

    This is not to say the sound was OK- far from it. MB's comments are absolutely correct.

    Yes, as others have commented, your enthusisam comes across, but one mustn't overlook the importance of the words you are using.

    Part of what made this film so good to me was the script. It was a great mixture of fact, personal impression and humour. (In particular I liked some of the understated humour that we Brits so enjoy - "You must have a way to stay out of the elements: You will live longer that way"/" You will have a much better time if you're not starving") I got the impression you worked hard on your script to get a good flow and then cut the film to fit (this for me works fra better than having a selection of "must have" shots and trying to force a narrative around it. I thought it was a VERY good script.

    Quality of shots was dubious in places but you have to work with what you've got. Fortunately the fast editing meant we didn't have too much time to pick holes in the lesser quality shots

    You certainly kept the film going at a good pace. The interview in the middle gave us a nice change to this but I didn't like the dissolves - the cuts would have been better handled by using cutaway shots to my mind.

    You used the same (or virtually identical) shot of you getting into the helicopter at the beginning and end. The mind remembers these things - best avoided. (There were other repeated shots as well but for some reason they didn't seem to be a problem for me. Presumably that's down to context but I haven't analysed it enough to understand why)

    Despite many technical shortcomings this is the most enjoyable film I've seen for many weeks. Thanks for posting.

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