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Thread: Ease in and ease out motion

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    Default Ease in and ease out motion

    Does anyone know how to (or is there an option) for easing in and easing out video motion?

    I know from my experience using flash if you do a tween animation you can get it to ease in or out, so it starts slowly and speeds up to full speed, and then slows to a stop, but is there any way of doing this with a video file?

    I saw a tutorial for After Effects, where an aeroplane flew across the sky, then stopped in the middle of the screen and then changed to a graphic illustration and I would like to do something similar with a project I'm working on, however, I don't want the thing to suddenly stop, I want it to slow to a stop first.

    Thanks in advance.

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    When setting the key frames on the motion effects control, right click the keyframe and set the interpolation as bezier. For more detailed information, search the help files for bezier.

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    Sorry, just read your post again and want to clarify that this does of course relate to the position of the video.

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    Thanks marc, but that's not quite what I'm after, you know if you had a video clip, for example, I had a film reel frame with the sprockets down either side and then I wanted to show it as if it was slowing down until it came to a stop, but not just a case of moving.....stop but moving and slow to a stop, kinda like the effect you'd get with moving a film clip around the screen which I'm assuming is what you're talking about.

    Another example, say I was pausing the last second of a bit of video, 24 frames in total (obviously), frame 1 would last for 1 frame, frame 2 would last for 2 frames etc, etc. each one lasting longer and longer, making the motion look like it was slowing down, til I eventually stopped it.

    Now obviously, if I wasn't working with audio as well I could do that by selecting each frame and duplicating it the required number of times, but this would be rather time consuming, especially if it was over a longer period (although maybe 1 second's worth would be enough, not sure).....

    But cheers for your prompt response.

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    Yep, it works on zooming and panning around videos.

    To speed up frames gradually, you need to RAMP the speed. This can be done in after effects - but don't ask me how!

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    awww peachy, another programme to work with.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of trial versions of that one, and one is currently on download from Adobe as we speak.

    If nothing this has been a fun experience. I just hope at 33 I'm not trying to get into all this too late. Should have a few good years left in me to learn stuff and use it to some creative level.

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    A (very) qucik search revelas this which might help.

    The magic words in After Effects are 'time remapping' so use that for any further searching you need to do.

    Marc's right, you won't do this in PPro. You will need AE (or similar). Let's hope Adobe put this right in V2 to catch up with the others.

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    Aha, yes, thank you. It's kinda what I was after, and After Effects looks like a rather cool programme. I've watched probably every sample movie on the adobe website about it and am playing around with the trial version.

    Cheers guys.

    Another potential purchase.

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