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    This is the sequel of Spy Movie #1. We made this movie last summer at my Grandmas. Due to complications, we only had three people, so only two people could be in scene at once.

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    Ok, I love what you guys are doing.

    Here's a couple of tips for you. Unless you use a tripod don't give the camera to to the shakiest person in the world. When you shoot a scene set up the shot first so the camera doesn't have to move around to frame the shot after the action has started. If this happens even after rehearsing it, just shoot it again.

    I think there is a theme running through this and that is keep the camera still at all times. Unless there is a needed pan of course.

    The final thing is to shoot the same scene more than once from different angles and distances so you can cut from a long shot to a close up during editing.

    Keep going and keep having fun doing it.

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    I think MB has given you some excellent tips there.
    One of the problems with this filmmaking lark is that there are SO many things to consider. Keep watching and reading comments and practicing and soon much of it becomes second nature.
    Aim for perfection every time. But don't beat yourself up if the results are less than perfect.
    Even the best in the business slip up from time to time.

    May I suggest for a project you try to make a TWO minute film, and really concentrate o getting the BEST two minutes you can.

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    Thanks for the comments guys. There is quite a bit of things that can be fixed my taking more time to film and getting it just right.

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