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Thread: My first movie

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    This is the first movie that my cousins and I made. Sorry about the bad video quality. It was the only camera I could use at the time. We made this about three years ago.

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    I love the way the viewer has to have the imagination of a child to be able to fully appreciate this movie. lol

    Post your recent work, it will make any comments more relevant.

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    This wasn't quite what I had in mind when I suggested posting here. I think it is brave, foolhardy or delusioned to post something you made as a 12 year old - especially if you are 15. I'm guessing brave - and I'm responsible!

    I don't really want to comment other than to refer you back to my suggestions in the thread where you asked for it
    I might be inclined to add "framing" and "lighting" to the list of things to watch.

    Although if you made this three years ago, you're nearly as experienced as me.

    As MB says, let's see how you're improving. Let's hope you've managed maintain and to channel that enthusiasm.

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