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Thread: Sound problems on studio9 SE

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    Default Sound problems on studio9 SE

    New computer and new hobby.

    Have plugged up analogue video recorder and useing s-vhs imput plus sound leads from scart plug into breakout box.

    Have video playback but very distorted sound.

    I have tryed all options but with no success.

    Can anyone offer advice????

    I apologise if this has been asked before. However I have searched the forums for information to help me and have not had much luck.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Im not sure about this.

    But i knew some who had problem with breakoutbox.

    I think maybe problem could be the driver to box.

    Or Try pinnacle support forum.

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    Thanks for your advice about the driver for breakout box
    I will check it out
    It seems the sound is the only problem at the moment .
    I have not done any digital ediditing so am really looking forward
    in getting started, so will let you know hqw it goes
    Thanks again

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    Have now cured sound problem,found out that the analoge video single scart output did not like outputting sound to the card so nicked my mums video with a double scart socket. (fair exchange???)
    It works fine now so can look forward to finding out how Studio 9 works
    and do some serious editing Thanks for your advice YASIN

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