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Thread: Exporting video consisting of 5sec roll title + still images

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    Default Exporting video consisting of 5sec roll title + still images


    I'm working with Adobe Premiere Pro.
    My project consists of following :

    a) 5-sec rolling title in the beginning
    b) 60 still images , each one lasting for one sec exactly
    c) Some background music + sound effects

    At the end I want to get one avi of maximum quality (no compressing of still images at all) and minimal size.

    Questions :

    1) Can i set framerate 1 for still images ?

    2) In exported movie the images are reduced in quality even though I disabled "Optimize Stills" option. Why is that ?

    3) Is it good idea to export separately rolling title and still images and then join them together ?

    4) In short - how would you do it ?


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    Well as far as I'm aware (but I could be wrong) you can't change the framerate within a movie file, so therefore you'd have to have the whole thing set at the same frame rate. I know you said you wanted a finished AVI file, but what is it you're wanting to do with the AVI file at the end of it all? Also, are you having transitions between the 1 second images or just clicking from one image to another?

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    No transaction between still images. I need final AVI to have a presentation. Meanwhile , each time i export movie i see that still images are of reduced quality. This is main problem. Second problem is file size.

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    Okay, what resolution are you working to, and what filesize you would prefer the finished thing to be?

    What export options are you using for your final export?

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    My sequence is defined as 720x576 , 25fps
    32Khz , Stereo

    Only few seconds are actually movie (rolling title in the beginning) , so maybe i should work with different fps ?

    60 still images i have in clip are JPGs. I reduced them to be max 720x576 (width and height) . Average file size is 100KB. I don't want them to be compressed again by export function - i need them to stay at original quality (which isn't so good).

    When i preview the project it looks very good : smoothly rolling title,
    still images of original quality.

    What should i try ? (I tried another codecs like QuickTime and Microsoft MPG 4 V1,V2). Maybe "fileds - upper field first"

    I tried few options of exporting , here's one example (i'll list all other if it will be needed) :

    Microsoft AVI
    Entire sequence
    Export Video , Export Audio

    DivX Pro 5.2.0 Codec
    Millions of colors
    Square pixels
    (recompress and limit data not selected)

    No fields
    (all others not selected)


    Microsoft ADPCM (why i can't select MP3?)
    16bit , Stereo

    Final output file is about 13MB , rolling title is descrete (jumping) and images are of reduced quality.

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    Then export with no compression or to a less compressed format such as DV AVI.

    I must stress that Adobe Premiere was not designed to create slide shows. But to incorporare images, I would suggest you start with a lossless file such as TGA or even a BMP if you've scanned the images. To make the clips longer, simply treat them as video and extend the out point.

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    Movie exported as DV is 283MB (!! - one minute).
    It plays good in Windows Media player , but if i run it in CrystalPlayer
    i get error : "can't locate decompressor".

    What codecs should i uinstall ?
    Is it really the best way to do it - 283MB for one minute movie..
    How esle can i handle it ?

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    The size seems about right for DV AVI format. When I capture footage I can expect 1Gb for 5 minutes of footage.

    It's after editing when I export to WMV or MPEG2 (for DVD production) that I get the big savings.

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