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Thread: young newbie seeking advice

  1. Default young newbie seeking advice

    i am 15 and love to make movies. i have used everything i could. got my first camera, and my cousins and i were making short movies. homemade movie sets. i have created a couple of movies and i was wondering if anyone could offer any advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bladecpfreek View Post
    i was wondering if anyone could offer any advice.
    I'm sure people could, but you really need to ask a question first

    But here are a few general suggestions.

    1. Look at other people's videos in the User Videos section. Read and understand the comments made by people. Post your own comments (it doesn't matter that you're a newbie filmmaker, you've been watching films for nearly 15 years).

    2. Post your own films in the User Vids section, but expect criticism. Don't get defensive. If, after thinking about - really thinking about - someone's comment for a few minutes, you still disagree and feel you have to post something, just say you disagree. There's nothing that will put off people from posting genuinely useful critiques as much as someone getting overly defensive. Just accept that people have different opinions and much of filmmaking is subjective.

    3. You think you've finished your film. Actually it's too long. OK this isn't always the case, but nearly everyone - especially when starting out - can benefit from looking at every shot and ask "what does it add to the film". If the answer is "nothing" even if it's a great shot, remove it. Similarly trim your clips and trim them again.

    4. Some basic stuff: Don't Zoom. Don't cut on a pan. Don't "hose" with the camera or pan left then right. A pan or tilt should always start and end with a static image. Make sure you've exposed correctly. Unless looking for a specific effect always use a tripod or otherwise stabilise the camera.

    5. Watch your sound. Most directors agree that movies are 50% audio, and some put it as high as 70%. If you spend 20 hours geting the visuals right, shouldn't you be spending as long on the sound. Get you mics as close to the action as possible. A 10 mic a few inches from the source of the sound will sound better than a 500 mic 20 feet away.

    6. (And here I'm going to sound like your dad/teacher). Learn to write properly. Your sentence structure suggests to me that you are far from illiterate but that the lower case "i" you used in your post is a silly affectation. People will not take you seriously. Drop it.

    Why does it matter? Filmmaking is about communication using a variety of methods - moving & static photographs, graphic images, text, speech, music and sound. If you don't obey the conventions for just text, how can you expect to deal with the others. And yes, I do understand that you want to be different and experiment and break with conventions, but you need to learn to use the conventions first.

    It's also about showing respect for your audience.

    I've probably vastly overstated the case here and to be honest I'd rather live with an all lower case post than one where I have to select the words and rearrange and add to them until they make a sentence - it certainly hasn't put me off trying to offer a few snippets of advice.

    Anyway, Welcome to the forum. Let's see some of your vids.

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    Nice one Tim, I think that answered his unasked questions.

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    Hello Tim.
    I enjoyed reading that because to me as a newcomer of 76 years of age, doing videos for about 28 years and still not much good, but boy what enjoyment it gives me, you opened my eyes to the words you used to try and help. I will attempt to bear them all in mind.

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    Thanks, i will get my other vids out as soon as i can.



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    i will now be using a sony hdr cx100. i dont think i can use an external mic with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick Fenner View Post
    but boy what enjoyment it gives me
    Hi Mick, and welcome,

    What I missed out in my post was the most important aspect of filmmaking which you have put so succinctly in the statement above. Thank you for reminding us all.

    I used to frequent another forum where one of the contributors used as his sig "We're having fun. Aren't we?" It served as as a constant reminder of the point you make.

    I'm glad you found my post helpful. I take no credit for the words of wisdom held within - they are a distillation of some of the comments I read time and time again from experienced filmmakers. Many are obvious, but it's still all too easy to forget these things in the heat of the moment (perhaps with that fatal thought "I'll fix it in post")

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    Hi Tim and Mick

    Thank you for your inputs and support. I too have been doing videos for a long time but never formally trained in school.

    Tim, your advice helps me too in my approach to making movies. Thank you.

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