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Thread: Problems with playback in Vegas 9 Pro

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    Default Problems with playback in Vegas 9 Pro

    I have a Panasonic HDC-SD10 that records in 1080p. I am trying to use Vegas 9 Pro to edit my shots but it is having trouble with the playback. It is very skippy and can't seem to keep up while I am trying to watch a clip. Does anyone know if this program cannot actually handle the footage, or is there something I could be doing wrong? Does anyone know of an editing program that could handle the format I am shooting in?

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    I am shooting using AVCHD and my computer stats are as follows:
    Dell XPS M1530
    256 MB NVIDIA video card
    3 GB RAM
    Intel(R) Core 2 Duo T7250 @ 2.00 GHz
    Windows Vista

    sorry i forgot to incorporate that

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    You need to lower your preview quality. I find that 'preview - half' works best for me. A Lot of people use 'Draft' to check timing etc, then switch to 'Best-full' for colour grading & FX.

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    Hi Sparky

    I run HD footage on a 2.2GHz DuoCore and trust me, it struggles with any clip bigger than a few seconds!! You really need a QuadCore to get a smooth playback at a decent quality!!
    If you are outputting to HD then yes, you have to drop the preview quality and it might still battle a little even with that!! Add a few overlays and transitions and it will battle even harder!!!!

    However if you are outputting back to DVD then why not consider transcoding your AVCHD to AVI first?? The Panasonic website has a free transcoder (made by Mainconcept) that does a excellent job and your edits will play smoothly and render twice as fast too!!! I have spend hours with test DVD's done using AVCHD source files and transcoded source files on a brand new HD TV and the resolution difference is so small, no one will ever know!!!

    If you have to edit and output the AVCHD files then it's definately worth investing in a QuadCore i7 machine with Windows 7 and plenty of RAM!!!


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    One other tip; If the preview of what you're checking still isn't good enough, drag (highlight) the area to be previewed, then hold down shift-B to preview to RAM. Much better, but will depend on how much RAM you've allocated in Vegas prefs.

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    Default Me too

    Hi Sparky

    I am using the same camcorder too and having the same problems. Did you ever find a solution? I tried to look for the transcoder on panasonic and even tried to highlight? the preview window and preview to RAM but to no avail. I couldn't highlight on the preview window. Any help would be great thanx


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