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Thread: Another newbie, putting movies onto a dvd?!

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    Default Another newbie, putting movies onto a dvd?!

    Hi guys

    Sorry if this is a really ridiculously simple question, I have never done this before (and not likely to again after all this!).

    Got a dazzle for converting my hi8 and vhs tapes to dvd, managed to capture on Pinnacle studio, have edited no problem and I *think* I've managed to create a menu. Now, how on earth do I get it onto a DVD?! It says I need 23GB, a dvd is only 4gb.... am I being really stupid?! It's an old university video from 10 years ago and I really wanted to send dvds out with xmas cards this year... what am I doing wrong?!


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    Are you using Pinnacle studio to do the editing ? How long is the movie ? You will automatically convert the video to an mpg which will condense the file. BUT you may have to compromise on quality or burn it onto more than one disk.
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