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Thread: Sony hdr xr520e-Mic-please help

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    Default Sony hdr xr520e-Mic-please help

    Hi Ive purchased the sony cam to shoot amateur (but as professional as i can do it ) short films,i will be shooting films with action in them,fight scenes ,running ,etc.
    Sony have made a big song and dance about the 5.1 surround sound mic that is built in , will this cut the mustard though.
    Really need help with this as i dont want to get actors ,some who i will pay and then get back to find the audio is not too a good enough standard.
    huge thanks in advance to any insightful answers and guidance

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    In a word... No.

    Have a look at this thread which will explain why not:

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    Cheers for link gaffer,totally get it, so if i were to spend 100 to 150 pounds what do you think would be the best one for a hdr xr 520e, for the moment ,until i could afford one of the more professional mics,

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    cardiod or hypercardiod looks to be the sort of mic i need

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    With your budget just get the best directional shotgun/cardiod mic you can afford. Then try it out in various scenarios so you know what to expect form it BEFORE the actual shoot.

    This will save time and heart ache later.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Blue, although on further inspection i have a bigger problem, the sony cam has a sony active interface,look here Sony Active Interface Shoe

    It appears that i am limited to sony mikes only and on the sony style website,all the ones that attach are listed as previous models ,further to that all the reviews of the mics are mixed ,predominantly saying they make little or no difference.
    There seems to be homebrew active shoe adapters , however dont want to jam something in the hot shoe interface only to break the camera.
    Have sent an email to Sony last night,but they have failed to respond,i bet they are well aware of this issue,looks like ive blown my cash on the wrong camera,
    need some advice on this one,thanks

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    Are you saying there is no other mic input on your camera. I don't just mean to hold it I mean a mic socket ether jack or XLR ? If that is the case then you are screwed. You need to get the mic close to the talent. AND camera mounted mics are not really ideal for this unless you are doing a vox pops in the street on your own. The camera mic is only good for recording ambient sounds at best providing the camera is quite.

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    there is a input that would take a mic (input like you would plug into a mp3 player) ,but then you cant mount it as i think the shoe is only suitable for sony mics.
    Think i will buy the wireless system and strategically place it near the actors, then consider this situation further,perhaps buy different camcorder if it doesnt fix things for me
    thanks for your time

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    It's just possible that Hague have an adaptor which will convert your camera to a standard shoe.


    Scroll down to "Single Shoe Adapter" (Product Code SSA)

    Alternatively look at the Shoe Bracket (Product Code H6811) on the same page

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