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Thread: Cable Show 'True Blood' Now Casting for Upcoming Season

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    Default Cable Show 'True Blood' Now Casting for Upcoming Season

    "True Blood", a scripted pay-cable television show, is now casting several major roles for the upcoming cable season.

    This drama series is about a telepathic waitress living in rural Louisiana who falls in love with a vampire and tries to deal with the rocky relationship. The episode casting this week is entitled "Beautifully Broken".

    "True Blood" is written by Alan Ball and Raelle Tucker, and directed by Scott Winant and Michael Lehmann.

    The show is produced by Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, Carol Trussellk, and Raelle Tucker for Your Face Goes Here Entertainment.

    Send emails to by December 10th for more info.



    "Crystal Norris", any ethnicity, 20s. Crystal is a beautiful, ethereal, and elusive young woman who has a brief but significant encounter with the character Jacob. There is something mystical about Crystal's aura. Jacob is immediately smitten by this woman, and the two of them seem to share an unexplainable attachment to each other. Crystal wanders off before Jacob has a chance to get to know her----though he soon will have a chance to meet her again in the near future. RECURRING ROLE

    "Female Reporter", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. She is a pretty and hard-nosed TV news journalist who is trying to get to the bottom of a story about wild animals supposedly biting people in the town of Bon Temps. This woman does an interview with local police investigators and pointedly asks them if perhaps something else more menacing may be responsible for the attacks. The police deny this theory. But they clearly seem to be shielding some information about the case from the public.

    "Ruby Jean Reynolds", African-American, 40s - 50s. Ruby is a mentally-ill and emotionally unstable woman who lives in an institution. She is very religious and extremely old-fashioned in her moral views. She expresses an overt disgust for gay people. Ruby is clearly a woman who cannot cope with life in the modern world and must be monitored constantly by mental health professionals.

    "Melinda Mickens", Caucasian or African-American, 40s - 50s. Melinda is an uneducated, financially-destitute, and rural woman who lives with her husband Joe in squalor. She clearly has a problem with alcohol. Her clothes are tattered and uncleaned. Yet despite her seediness, it turns out that Melinda played an important role in Sam Merlotte's life years ago. RECURRING ROLE


    "Sergeant Kinney", Caucasian or African-American, 20s. Sergeant Kinney appears in a flashback sequence to the German front of World War Two. He is a fresh-faced American soldier who is away from home for the first time. Though he is in a harsh and brutal environment, Sergeant Kinney somehow has a touch of naivete to him. While marching through Nazi Germany, he is approached by a frightened civilian German lady who begs for his help. He goes over to her to see if she is okay, but it turns out that this woman is actually a full-fledged Nazi, and he is met by a sudden attack. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Shane", Caucasian, 20s - 30s. Shane is an alcoholic and impoverished redneck guy who is very brash and callous toward other people. He spends most of his time at Merlotte's bar getting inebriated with his best friend Kris. When he begins drinking heavily, Shane starts making derogatory comments about someone in the town who has recently passed away. The bartender Tara Thornton gets offended and demands an apology from him. But Shane just laughs it off, and Tara loses her temper and punches him. CO-STARRING ROLE

    "Creepy Biker", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. This scary-looking biker dude is secretly a werewolf. He comes up to Sookie and tries to harrass her. But he doesn't realize that Sookie has telepathic powers. He soon learns that Sookie is not as vulnerable as she appears. RECURRING ROLE

    "Calvin Norris", any ethnicity, Mid 30s - 40s. Calvin is a large, physically-intimidating, and grumpy man who lives in an old dilapidated trailer home. He is annoyed when someone knocks on his door and he finds out that it is the cops. They have shown up to inspect his trailer home as part of a crime investigation. Calvin is reluctant to let the cops inside at first, but when they explain that they have obtained a warrant, he begrudgingly lets them look around. RECURRING ROLE

    "Joe Lee Mickens", Caucasian or African-American, 50s. Joe is a lower-class, impoverished, and unsophisticated guy who is married to Melinda. He is shocked to discover that Sam Merlotte played an important part in his wife's childhood. RECURRING ROLE

    Please send photos and resumes by December 10th to for more information!


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    Call me Mr. Cynical if you will - but surely there are a gazillion casting agencies packed to the rafters with talent ready and waiting for TV shows? Why do we see posts like this? And further - surely a 'proper' TV show will use more than a 'gmail' address?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Lockwood View Post
    Call me Mr. Cynical if you will [edit] - surely a 'proper' TV show will use more than a 'gmail' address?
    And I saw the first episode. These vampires get very angry if people impersonate them. vampireprogram@ indeed

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    Oh, this one again....

    Basically looking for anyone male or female, any race, between 20 and late fifties, etc. etc. Preferably desperate to get into acting who, upon submission of their portfolio, will be told that they have potential and can get on this agency's books for a nominal fee...

    We've not heard this one before, with virtually identical text.. have we lads?

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