Hello there,

I have a question about converting old Hi8 video tapes to dvd / digital format.

So I went out and bought Pinnacles' Dazzle Video Creator Plus. Install went fine, and I am able to capture video via a S-Video connection.
I also have a DVD recorder, so I plugged the old Hi8 camcorder via composite cables into the DVD recorder and captured the video to DVD.

For some reason the video I captured on the DVD recorder came out slightly better and the sound came out a lot better. Can anyone explain to me why this would be? I would have thought the S-Video connection on the PC would provided better sound and video....

Bottom line is I have a lot of old Hi8 and VHS videos to transfer to DVD and want to ensure I get the best quality possible. At some point I will want to edit these videos on the PC so I want to make sure my baseline is the best it can be. I assume there a lot of people out there who have tried this, so I am looking for input.

Should I stick with the DVD recorder or Dazzle input?