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    Hi Guys,

    I have 800 clips I need to sort and catalogue before I edit, I also plan to delete the clips I'm not going to use.

    I planned to use Bridge so I can delete unwanted clips direct from disk, but I also want to add a short description to the clips I want to keep for use within Premiere.

    In Premiere I can see there is a "Description", "Log Note" & "Scene" field I can use, however these don't translate into anything in Bridge.

    Likewise I have nothing that I can see in Bridge to make notes against clips that are usable within Premiere.

    I don't want to rename clips as I have a methodology in the clip names for other reasons.

    Is there any way I can avoid having to sort these clips twice? (Once to remove bad clips, second to add a description)


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    You can get at all the metadata (100's of fields) from both apps. Is there really not a field you think applies?

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    sorry, I don't think I made it clear what I was looking for.

    As per the screen shot, I want to populate the fields from in the project resource list from bridge, which doesn't seem possible.

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