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    Default Choppy Video

    Hi am capturing video using the software that came with my dvd burner.
    I think it is Roxio's easy cd creator. I capture it through a tv in, RCA hookup that came with my computer. At first the basketball games were very choppy so I turned the capture frame rate up to 36 fps. Now they look great on the computer but when I re-burn them onto a dvd they look really choppy.

    Should I use different software or is there an obvious setting that I am missing?


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    Default Which TV standard?

    Are you capturing NTSC or PAL?

    PAl = 25 FPS and NTSC = 29.97 or 24 FPS

    36 is not good for standalone DVD, it won't know how to play it.


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    Default Could be a progressive vs. interlaced thang

    You know how progressive is for computers and interlaced is for tv? I don't know if your software takes care of that for you, but with my arcsoft showbiz software, it's in the options screen. When I save a video, I am not asked before hand if it is to be interlaced or progressive.

    My dvd/vcr combo has a choice between the two, but I just leave it on interlaced because I haven't made any jpeg slideshows yet.

    Additionally, my 53" tv has 3 options of display. Int., Prog. and "Cinimagic". There is a definite difference in choppyness. Let me know if this aspect already occured to you.


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