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    I'm having trouble editing video after it is taken from tape and downloaded to the hard drive. none of my editing software will import the files.. Any suggestions?. Thanx

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    What are the deatails ? file type, software, etc.....

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    Once I copy the VHS tape through the Pinnacle software to DVD or the hard drive, I can't figure out how to import the VOB and ViIDEO_TS files into The editng software(Windows Movie Maker or Arcsoft Media impression). I can, however import other files such as from my digital cameras. Every time I open a window to import a file from a folder containing the VIDEO_TS os VOB files, they don't show up in the window.... I'm new at this so I can't figure it out... I was going to try buying software to see if that would work.

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    Do you have the option to save the VHS as a .avi file ? This is one of the formats that Windows Movie Maker will accept. It will also accept .mpg files which is what a vob file is on a DVD, so this might (I've never tried it) work change the ***.vob file name to a ***.mpg. WMM may now accept the file. Be careful when changing file names if you are not sure what you are doing, you should make a backup copy before doing anything with it.

    You could also try converting the vob file to an mpg or avi with a free video converter from the internet.

    Another option is to try capturing the VHS tape straight into WMM through your Dazzle thingy, if thats possible.

    I don't have a Dazzle and I've never tried any of the above but if you have no other replies you could try some of the above.

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