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Thread: black borders on youtube post

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    Unhappy black borders on youtube post

    Why is this happening with a 1280x720 ratio? does it have to do with the fact im shooting with 480/60p, the other vids i posted worked just fine?? I dont get it, has anyone dealt with this problem before, I was able to make the borders thinner but they are still there and I want them gone, anybody know the answer to this?


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    Good old youtube! why are you upscaling from 480 to 720 in my limited experience all that will achieve is to screw the image ratio up, increase your render time and file size. If your using 480 footage i would render and upload in 480.
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    Default utube

    i figured that 720 was bigger than 480 and since my problem is that my vid is showing up too small on utube then bigger is better,no?

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