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Thread: Lagging problem with UDW2

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    Default Lagging problem with UDW2

    Need Help for DVD Authoring. I know it is a long read, but please help me.

    Here it is. I have a Sony DCR-DVD101 Camcorder which records on a 3Ē dvd-rw. A new Dell Portable computer 3.2 Mhz with 512Mb of memory. What I need to do is record hockey games from an elite youngster team, make a montage of the game recorded with the Sony cam, then burn it back on DVDs and give them to coaches for their video sessions.

    Iím good with computers but kind of nerdy (new) at video editing and stuff. So I read a little (actually a lot) and decided to go with Ulead DVD Workshop 2 for my authoring project. Recorded my first period of hockey game, imported it (the .vob file) in UDW2 and tried to do my first montage (authoring) after reading all the book and video tutorials. I was able to do it but it lags so much while I edit (make the authoring) that it took me a complete day to do it. The VOB file is 900 MB and that is just for one period, so trying to go for a complete game would be about 2.7 gigs. The lagging is unbearable, so I presume that I have to convert my VOB file to something else and compress it at same time, or am I just doing something wrong? I read about so many of you editing your dvds with UDW2! I just donít know what to do and with what software anymore. There is so much to read about video and all of that, it just looks like a jungle to me.

    So here is my question to you guys. Can you please help me, and tell me what I need to do with my initial VOB file and with what software (if I need to with something else than UDW2) should I be making my converting and authoring (menu editing) with. And then what to do to burn it back on a DVD since the hockey club bought a DVD burner to go with all the stuff we have. Or if you think it should go to a CD in the form of a VCD or SVCD then please feel free to say so and to tell me how to do it all.

    Please donít be afraid to throw at me more than one way of doing it because I know there is. But if you suggest any software changes from UDW2, please make sure that what you recommend is good, easy and fast for menu editing because I have quite a few (menus) and have to do it fast also. Imagine playing one game a day for two, three or four days in a row, the montage has to go in the coaches hands fast, or theyíre going to be useless. This is why the Sony DCR-DVD camcorder was bought; it makes the capture time disappear since it is already on the Sonyís 3Ē DVD-RW.

    PS Since Iím a new member, I know I have to go trough the board first to find answers to my questions. Iíve been reading for two days now. I read so much stuff that are almost like what I want to do but not exactly it, that I am now more confused then before. So please accept my regret if I could have found the answer somewhere, I just wasnít able to find it. If you want to redirect me for a specific post for my answer, please do so.

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    The problem here is the term "edit dvds".

    Theres a difference between "authoring a DVD" (which means creating the DVD itself) and what you refer to as "editing a DVD". Now I pressume that by the latter you refer to editing the footage from your DVD camera. And this is where both the confusion and the problem lies.

    What you have read regarding editing DVDs will probably refer to authoring a DVD. What you want to do is edit the VOB files created by your DVD camera. To do this you will need software that natively supports MPEG2 compression which has been used on the DVD. The symptoms you describe are symptomatic of editing MPEG2 files.

    So, you have two options:

    1) convert the VOB files to a less compressed format such as DV for editing using a freeware application such as virtualdub or FLASKmpeg


    2) Get a native MPEG2 editor such as womble MPEG video wizard.

    For more information see:
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    Default for Marc

    First of; Thanks Marc.

    OK, sorry if I wasn't clear. Here it is; what I want to do is Authoring. All I need to do is make my different menus and sub menus, and then link the different parts of the file to those menu as chapters.

    So from what I read, UDW2 can do this. Should I try to do it with Womble

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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    If all you want to do is add menus and chapters, then continue to use DVD workshop. If you are editing, consider another application or converting to DV. The lagging you are experiencing when scrubing through the video is due to MPEG compression.
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    Default authoring

    That's it, authoring is my goal. But the lagging is to much; I lose the computer for minutes at a time. Having to wait for 3-4 or 5 minutes for the computer to come back is to much. It's an unworkable environment.

    What can I do.

    Many thanks for trying to help me


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    I know that Adobe Encore is happy to work with MPEG2 files, but this is probably priced out of your budegt.

    May people rave about DVDlab. Give the trial of this a go:

    For simple DVD authoring, you can use IFOedit:
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    Default software to use

    Hey Marc, are you sure any of these software is going to take care of my lagging problem?

    The price is not really an issue here, what we want (the hockey club organisation and me) is a solution and a way to do that will work properly.

    Thanks again.


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    They have trials, so try before you buy
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    Default DVDlab

    DVDlab seems to be a very popular one. Is it better to go with DVDlab or the Pro edition?

    My only problem is that it looks very complicated to work with. Do you have any guide that you could recommand to me?

    Thanks again


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    Peer to Peer and end user support is available from their own forums:
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