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Thread: CS4 - cam suggestions ?

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    Question CS4 - cam suggestions ?

    Hi there, So I'm running cs4 for a project and I want to setup multiple cameras in our filming room to run simultaneously. My desktop specs are fine, what I'm looking for is some camera suggestions . While I'm plenty techy and will catch on quickly, I'm brand spankin new at this. I have a snowball microphone and a cannon SD870IS (lol).

    For the moment our budget is kind of limited so if there were any cameras out there you knew of that I could buy two or three of and not be spending obscene amounts I'd really appreciate it. Maybe a 1st or 2nd generation acvhd?

    If I read the product info correctly does premier let you capture live so you can do cuts and editing pretty easily? If so are there any cameras that are cheaper (though maybe older) that work with this?

    Money money money, everyone's pocket books are tight!

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    Adobe tests the compatibility of some cams,
    Adobe - Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Third-party hardware compatibility

    I believe that the compatibility allows the Premiere user to control the camera's transport (forwards/backwards/stop/start); so I guess it can be useful.

    However, if the Video file can be moved into the PC using other means (firewire or USB or whatever); then Premiere will happily Import video files in a variety of formats; where it can be edited.

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