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Thread: import youtube vidieos

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    Unhappy import youtube vidieos

    I have studio plus and can not import youtube vidieo how can i do this ? I did convert the youtube video from flv to avi. help please!

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    I have done this successfully in the past so it must be something to do with your conversion settings. What were they ?

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    I used pazera to convert, the codec was xvd 1.1.3 final, biterate & fps were both set to auto. this is the first time doing this & am not sure of what I am doing,

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    I think you have to have the correct frame rate for your project settings eg PAL setting 25fps, NTSC 29.76 (30fps) So during the conversion set the frame rate to your region settings. If you can, try and use the DV codec as this tends to be more universal.

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    I don't know were i can change the dv codex . You said you have done this in the past, what to you use to convert to avi.

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    I used a free down load called Any Video Converter.

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    I down loaded "any vc" , it worked fine but when I tried to open it in pinnacle I got a message that I needed to pay for a activeation key for the mpeg-4 encoder/decoder, will this work for me ? I had converted the file to a avi file.

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    Ok what you did was make a .avi file but used the mpeg4 codec. Under the video options you can select a different codec to use. If that does not work. Try converting it to an mpeg2. This should be your best bet.

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    I tried to convert to mpeg2 ,got error "could not open codex....fatal : can not initialize video driver" .

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    If you give me the link to the YouTube video you are trying to convert I'll see if I can find out whats going on with it. OR you could email the mpg4 file to me and I'll convert it to a .avi that you can edit in Pinnacle.
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