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Thread: my terminator 1 trailer edit

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    Default my terminator 1 trailer edit

    here is a quick trailer of terminator 1 i made on windows movie maker
    i think i am getting the hang of making trailers now
    and i know i use major film releses but i just want to get the hand of making them

    if anybody could tell me how to post the video so it come up on the screen like on youtube that would be very helpfull


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    lol i found out how to post it

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    here is my terminator 2 trailer
    this one was a bit rushed hoping to get a bit more time to smooth it out

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    Hmmm.... The first "trailer" I would call a spoiler, not a trailer. You gave way to much. I like how you had Kyle talk about the Terminator while he's doing the good stuff, but a trailer is meant to make you want to get out and watch it. From what I remember of the movie, you gave up most if not all "OOOO AAHHH" moments.

    You have great ideas just show a lot less. You are building up some drama with showing nearly the entire scene, but, it's a trailer it shouldn't be 4 minutes. Great video otherwise. Increase the volume of people talking, I love the Terminator music, but in a trailer you really got to hear everything the actors say. Can't be all action, otherwise you will end up with a movie like 2012, hahah. Keep 'em comin, your on the right track. It's all fine tuning from here.

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