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Thread: A team of blokes from work

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    Default A team of blokes from work

    I've browsed for months but never uploaded. This clip is sliced from a 40-minute project I made about a team at work. They set up exhibitions. It's a corporate mickey-take, basically.

    I knew nothing about hosting, so the video's enabled via the good grace of Mr Peters, of digital-director fame. The link might fail, but I'm checking it. Any comments welcome.

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    Given that we know nothing about "the blokes", it would have been slightly humerous to completely change the commentary - if even just switching them around. Jim, the bodybuiling lady's man for example

    Nice work though...
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    Nice work though...

    That's a big complement from someone with your pedigree. Ta. Yes, I overlooked the fact that the commentary has no context. Used Premiere 6.5, which I still think is more intuitive than Pro. Trouble is, there's a limit to the number of pushes, slides, zooms, spins & twirls - things get 'tired' pretty quick.

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    Remember it's not the twirly things that tell the story
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