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    Default this might sound dumb...

    i have a question on how to do somekind of an effect with a title..

    Do you remember the old I loke Luck show that started out with a heart and then showed i love luck being righted onto the heart, and i cant think of any way that i could do that, dose any one know without just drawing it frame by frame?

    (I mostly use ulead software, or anything that is free...)

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    Yes you can do this within Mediastudion Pro.

    Open the video paint package, open your video or image of a heart. Record a macro drawing 'I Love Lucy' (I think this is what you meant!)

    To apply the macro, simply double click it in the production library and apply it progrssively over the appropriate number of frames (up to a maximum of 150 if I remember rightly).

    Good luck

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