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    Hi Guys, was wondering if someone could help me. I have just bought a set of Sennheiser Evoloution wireless bodypack mics.

    I have a Sony HVR 1VE with 2 xlr ports, i have my on camera mic attached and now my wireless mic, problem is that when i set my camera to recored from both channels it is closing down one of the xlr ports, and when i switch it to record from one channel i get both xlrs but they pan into left and right.

    Could anyone help me on this, its doing my head in! thanks in advance,


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    Sounds normal to me...!

    You should have two settings
    (1) which takes the input from channel 1 and records it on track one and records the input from channel 2 on track 2.
    (2) which takes the input from channel 1 and duplicates it, recording it on both tracks 1 & 2.


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