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Thread: Which program should I use?

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    Default Which program should I use?

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, some moderator can move the thread if it doesn't belong here.

    I've been using Windows Movie Maker 2 for quite a while for making skate movies. It's OK, but I'd need a much better program. I've been searching Google for hours now, and I can't really find anything. I found Adobe Premiere Elements though, but the trial download doesn't work, so I don't really know what it's like. I want to try the program before I buy it. Also, I read that Adobe Premiere Elements supported only one resolution. I need the 320x240 resolution to work.
    The best would be if there were some free program out there that I could use, but I realize that is probably not likely. I found Zwei-Stein and a few others, but they were no good in my opinion.
    I can't afford buying a too expensive program, about $140 would be the maximum.
    Which program should I buy?

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    Default you can get all of there software as a trial, and i love it...

    To tell you the truth it is mostly oppinon they all pretty much do the same thing but i would have to say ulead, or final cut pro, but i sounds like you dont have a mac so ulead...

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    Default I hope some one is still monitoring this string.

    I'm getting back into DV editing after a long break because of frustration due to DV editing issues. I still have the Uleads DV Pyro-Pro codec and I think it's a 5.0V or less. But I have since upgraded my computer and installed WS Win XP, which comes with Movie Maker 2.0, as you guessed. Well, I started to make a slide show project with sound and all the other bells and whistles. It's about 5-8 minutes long with just stills (jpegs taken on a 6.3Mpix camera), transitions and sound.

    The issues are that the finished product quality is poor and it will not burn to DVD from MS Movie Maker.

    Any suggestions?
    Using the following stuff:
    - Uleads Pyro-Pro 5.0, bundled system
    - Fire wire card, brand ?
    - Celeron 1.0GHz
    - 40Gb HDD at 7200rpm
    - 512Mb RAM
    - MS Win XP w/SP2
    - Sony X1000 DV Camcorder

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    I am not familiar with any of Uleads products except what I have heard. However, I do have a suggestion and a very easy and inexpensive program designed strictly for still Picture shows. Now I know I am not answering your question but I am going to promote a product once more.

    Take a look at Photodex located in Austin, TX. They have a program called Pro Show Gold that will blow away any competition in its field except for of course professional video editing programs. I have built multiple shows for people that are up to 30 minutes long and anything I have thrown at it has been succesful. Easy to burn DVDs, VCD, SVCD etc... The new features include allowing video images to be played in the show and pan and zoom capabilities. Look at their demos and some of the competition shows to get a feel for what it can do.

    Again, I know that this is not helping with your initial problem but for still Picture shows, this absolutely ROCKS! No I do not work for them in any way and yes I have and use Pinnacle that will do everything I am stating above but not as easily as drag and drop this is.

    I wish you the best and leave those with more knowledge of Ulead to answer your initial question.

    AMD Athlon 3200
    Asus A7N8X Dlux
    ATI Video
    1 Gig Mem
    Windows XP Pro
    2 Seagate ATA 160 Gig HD,1 Maxtor 120 Gig HD
    Sony DRU-510 DVD/CD Burner
    Viewsonic 19\"LCD
    Pinnacle 10 PlusMediaSuite
    PremierPro 1.5 Suite
    Sony HVR-A1U 1080i HDV Camcorder

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