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Thread: Help adding multiple video timelines in Pinnacle 11

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    Default Help adding multiple video timelines in Pinnacle 11

    Can someone please tell me how to add multiple video timelines in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11? I need to make a music video for a concert and i need to splice different angles together so i want multiple timelines. Thanks.

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    If you have Pinnacle 11 I think you only get one video/audio track time line for video. Also two further Audio tracks, a title track. If you have v11 plus you get an other video/audio track for over lays/chroma keys etc. This is why it's on $50 and Sony Vegas is $350.

    Sorry that's just how they have made it.

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    Oh ok well thanks anyway. Do you know any programs that are free or have free trials that allow you to do that?

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    Yes there a few free trials at the moment. Sony Vegas Pro v9 is offering a 30 day trial. Canopus Edius Neo is also offering 30 free trial. I think but I'm not sure Adobe is offering the same. I've been going through a few different trials at the moment I'm currently using Sony Vegas which is not as intuitive as Pinnacle but a lot more flexible for editing.

    I did have one further thought. In the Project preferences there is a tick box to "show premium content". If that is not tick in you copy try that, it may bring news things for you to play with.

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