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Thread: 35mm to 2K transfer machine for sale

  1. Default 35mm to 2K transfer machine for sale

    35mm to 2K transfer system

    This is a custom made 35mm to 2K transfer system. This system was designed and used to archive old film, so there were many considerations in the design. This unit has also been used in the transfer of some new films as well. We have a new client that has a “number” of 70mm films so we are upgrading to a 35/70mm projector.

    1. We used a Strong 35mm studio projector with a rock and roll gate. This gate allows the film to go forward and backwards. There were several modifications done to the projector. First the motor was replaced with a 24volt DC motor and all the mechanical shutter system was removed. A LED light box was installed.

    2. We used the Silicon Imaging SI-2K mini camera (this camera has been used to shoot many major motion pictures and these films have won many Oscars). This allows us to transfer RAW data from the imaging device directly to the hard drive in the computer. The camera is using a Nikon high resolution Flat Field lens.

    3. The camera is mounted on 2-CNC tables. This allows you to use a mouse and move the camera closer/farther to the film and move the camera left/right. This allows you to custom set the framing for each roll of film. You can transfer any film format, 1.33, 1.85, 2.35, etc. You can focus the lens either manually or remotely. This is all controlled by Parallax Propeller Chip.

    4. The capturing computer, allows you to capture the RAW data directly from the 2K camera using Silicon Imaging – SiliconDVR, digital recording software. Included in the software is IRIDAS color-managed metadata software. You can elect to record 12-bit uncompress Raw to the hard drive or use CineForm Raw codec to record the RAW data. For full complete details visit The computer is custom built with the intel dual core 2.66mhz 6700 processor, 3gb of ram, and a 150gb hard drive for the OS and a 4 drive raid setup – 1TB, for the data, and bluray burner. Software includes, SiliconDVR, CineForm 4K codec and Adobe Premiere.

    5. The main control computer is based on the Parallax Propeller Chip. This chip has 8 micro-processors. Each running from a central crystal clock. This chip allowed us to write several different programs to control the film projector main drive motor, the projector supply reel for reverse, LED light, the 2K camera (to trigger the camera to expose and transfer the data) and an audio clock generator. This computer system, allows you to control the projector slow forward, slow reverse, play and stop. The LCD screen on front of the computer, gives you a constant reading of frame rate, drive motor and milliseconds between frames.

    This auction includes the following, 35mm projector (strong cinplex pr1014), stand, silicon imaging camera, computer with audio capture card (audiophile 192), monitor, keyboard, mouse, custom stands, control units, stereo audio optical pickup (behringer model ub1204-pro), software as mentioned above.

    The 35mm mag reading sitting on top of the projector and the 16mm projector to left of projector is NOT included. the camera mount the camera is mounted to will rotate 45 degrees so you can have a 16mm projector as well.

    This unit is too complex to explain exactly how it works. If you would like more info, please email your name and number and i will call you to talk about exactly how this unit works.

    This will give you the same results as a half a million + dollar system for a fraction of the cost.

    Taking offers

    Please feel free to ask questions.

  2. Default 16mm & 35mm to 2k

    As a bonus we are including the 16mm option as well. This includes the 16mm modified projector and the plate to alwo the camera to rotate 45 degrees so you can transfer 16mm as well.

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