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Thread: Trouble reseting and wondering how to increase sound properly

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    Default Trouble reseting and wondering how to increase sound properly


    I have been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 for some time now, well over a year, and the layout I have it as is something I don't like. I have the video previewer as a separate tab (which unfortunately clips a couple of centimeters around the border) and there was a sound adjuster that's gone too.

    When I first opened up VS 9.0 for the first time, I had the timeline and video preview screen all at hand without having to locate it elsewhere. I accidentally clicked the 'x' from where the preview screen was and now I've tried everything, but I cannot get it back to where it was, it is on another separate tab instead

    Is there any way of setting it to some sort of 'factory setting' so it is reset to how it was?

    Another question I have is how can I increase sound smoothly? I can't think if there is a collective name for this but say I have the volume in the timeline on VS9.0 as -3.0dB, and I wanted to later increase it back to full volume, how can I do that? I have tried splitting the sound file in the line, keeping one side as -3.0dB, then increasing the volume on the other half using the fade in effect for around 00:00:00:10 of a second, but still it isn't really good, as from -3.0dB it dips down obviously to 'mute' rising back to full volume. and at such a fast speed, it sounds trash.

    Is there a way of 'stepping up' so to speak so I don't have to use the fade-in?

    The effect I want is the same way you see on programs where there is music in the background as someone is talking, once the person stops, the music rises back to full get what I mean?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    About the audio, go to Insert > Audio Envelope > Volume. A blue line shoud appear (or at least it's blue in my vegas :P) and then you just click twice on the line, where you clicked a keyframe should appear. You can move it to decrease or increase the volume as you like.

    About the preview screen, on every panel there's like five horizontal dots. Just grab those dots and move the panel where you want it to be, it should show you if you can put it where you wanted it by giving you something like a selection. Try it, and you'll see. Hope I made some sense.

    And the audio mixer (I'm assuming that's what you're looking for, but it doesn't matter because what ever you need you can use this advice) go to View > and make sure that the Mixer is checked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilish Me View Post
    . . where you clicked a keyframe should appear.
    - In my version of Vegas they aren't called keyframes, they are called Points. These Points maybe placed anywhere along the Envelope, and not necessarily at a Frame boundary, which would make them a keyframe indicator? For me there is a fundamental difference.

    The process of reducing background audio while, for example an interview is being carried out, is called "Ducking-Under". You can achieve this by applying 4-points to the BG Audio Event Envelope. The outer 2 Points are the original Aduio Level and the Inner 2 Points will provide for the reduction in volume over the duration of the interview.

    Quote Originally Posted by Devilish Me View Post
    About the preview screen, on every panel there's like five horizontal dots.
    - In my version they are Vertical Dots.

    And as you DID ask, if you ever want the reset to "Factory Settings", reset the program to its default settings, hold down Ctrl+Shift before starting up Vegas.

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