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Thread: Student trying to make a video for a project

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    Default Student trying to make a video for a project

    Is there a program or guide to make a video that looks like a news report?
    one example is this
    [ame=]YouTube - Tell-All Book Reveals Wrestling Fans Are Fake[/ame]
    like something from 0:00 - 0:06

    and how do I edit a video to show the news info

    I'm doing this for my chemistry summative and I would appreciate it a lot from you guys.

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    What video editing software do you have ? Most of them will let you produce some sort of titles or lower third, like your example. Maybe not quite as glossy but similar.

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    I don't have any video editing software at the moment, what do you suggest?
    Also, do you know how to make the intro video given in the example video? Thanks!
    Sorry for asking these questions, but I have NO video experience at all :(

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    Here's a set of tutorials on YouTube [ame=]YouTube - Animated Lower Thirds in Sony Vegas Pro 8: Tutorial[/ame]

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    Thanks for that. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the news intro?
    I want it to say
    "Chemistry News at 6"

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    3D Titles is another matter altogether. You would need a special 3D titles software or something like Adobe After Effects. Here is an example.

    I personally think this is over the top for you for this project. As you lack the software and the skills to do it BUT if it's really what you want then go for it.

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    is it possible to make a .gif file from photoshop for this?

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    Like I said you can use specialised 3d title programs Ulead cool 3d use to do a trial download so you could see if they still do that. Then create your spinning title save it as a .gif but you would still need some sort of video editing software to put it all together. There are some trial downloads available on the web.

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    I dont have any idea about this kind of video editing tool but I suggest making it in Photoshop the banner and background them mix it with your video...

    just a suggestion.

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