I have started my own little hobby in creating dvds for friends. I just completed putting together a 3 and a half minute dvd about a little boy who had open heart surgery when he was born and his mother sent me all sorts of photos on a disk which I put on my computer, then put them in my little dvd to make for her and when I finished editing it, I went to save it to file, but it keeps stopping and saying "Export Failure" (rendor error) 2876/6510 -00.01.55.

I have done a little bit of homework with not many answers, but can someone tell me could it be the size of the photo files that she sent me? What is an appropriate size? Some of hers are 55.4kb a photo to 12.8kb per photo another is 1.08mb?

Please can someone help me, I was too finish this on Friday to give to her? I feel like crying... :-(

Anything at all, anything will be better than nothing.. Thank you team! Jessica