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    Hello everyone,

    I've shot a bit of footage a few months back which was recorded in low lighting conditions. I hadn't realised the gain was set on auto and the resulting footage has a little bit of noise on it.

    It isn't a great deal but i'd like to see if i can reduce it if possible. Does anyone know of any methods using Premiere Pro or After effects that could help.

    I've looked at a list of plugins which cost a fair bit, i am prepared to spend but only if I need and can justify it.

    Any helps appreciated

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    Premiere has a wider range of Effects; however the 'Parametric EQ' in After Effects appears to be more powerful than the Premiere version.

    I use Premiere Pro (CS4), other versions may be different.

    Without hearing the audio, I cannot offer anything other than a general guide. The Premiere effects I would fiddle might be a mixture of EQ, Parametric EQ, Treble, Bass, Spectral Noise Reduction, LowPass and HiPass filters, and Volume.

    Alternatively, freeware such as Audacity have similar (and more) tools; including AutoDuck, and Compression.

    Baffling? Yes. My preferred audio editor is Cubase5, which offers even more.

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    Tim I think he meant noise as in speckles in his blacks.

    You could just try a bit of contrast adjustment BUT you will loose details in the blacks. If I'm wrong, WHAT TIM SAID.

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    Oops, sorry.

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    Hey guys, cheers for the responses. Yes its video noise thats the issue. The gain on the camera was on auto and cranked itself up. I hadn't noticed until reviewing the footage on the computer.

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    When ever I've had this problem I try and adjust the contrast also you could try a bit of blur if it's acceptable to you but I normally have to just chalk up doing better next time. I've never tried a special plug in but wouldn't hold up much hope picture noise is a bitch to get rid of.

    Good luck.

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    a fair old point midnight.

    I've looked at some commercial plugins that cost and it doesn't appear to be a justifyable spend

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