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Thread: sony vegas burn to dvd

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    I am new to the editing experience and am trying out sony vegas & dvd architect. I think I may have managed to burn a Blu ray disc in vegas - a few minutes of footage took almost an hour to burn - does that sound about right... but am stuck on how to burn an ord dvd...
    Do I need to convert the mts files to something else to burn them in dvd architect - this is so that the dvd can play on a friends stand alone player..
    Thanks very much

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    Render files to MPEG to your TV standard and then open DVD-a and set properties to DVD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    and then open DVD-a and set properties to DVD
    Don't understand that? How do you "set properties to DVD"? Did you mean then set DVDA project properties to reflect your TV standard?

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    Thanks very much for trying to help but am still a little stuck.
    Rendered files in vegas so now I have a render folder with two files in it..
    .mpg movie clip & .mpg.sfl file

    Looked at properties in archtect and it was already set to dvd but what about the other settings please...

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    Ah! I got it now. Setting AWAY from Blu-ray!! righto . . .. apologies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeyone View Post
    . . but what about the other settings please...
    What are your TV settings? NTSC? What do YOU need to set your DVD to, to make it work on your DVD player for your TV?

    I video in PAL 16:9 interlace; I edit in PAL 16:9 interlace; I render in PAL and finally author in PAL.

    What was your Vegas project created in? If you are going to play your finished DVD on the same format as you edited then make sure your settings are the same.

    The ONLY reason I can see for having these other settings is that if you are needing to prepare for "other" format DVD players. For example I can create a PAL-land video but need to send it to the USA in NTSC.

    However, having said all that, most players will mostly play whatever you through at 'em!! The exception? The USA! I can play any NTSC on my "PAL" player. But I really DO have to prepare NTSC for the many of my connections in the States.

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    Not digressing but as my blu ray player is on the blink I cannot test it but I have burned a blu ray disk in vegas -
    there are two folders on the disc

    BDMV Certificate
    inside is a Back up file
    inside are files called
    and more

    Is this correct for blu ray - if it is I can just post it off and not worry..
    Thanks again

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