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Thread: Wavey Lines using Sony Vegas 9

  1. Unhappy Wavey Lines using Sony Vegas 9

    Hello everyone,

    I have used Sony Vegas for sometime now, used to have version 7 and used a SD Sony camcorder to recorded all my clips. I used to be able to edit fine, end results very pleasing.
    I have recently upgraded to a HD sony camcorder (CX105) and upgrade Sony Vegas to Pro 9. Since then, whenever I import the mts files and edit and render a movie, the end result comes out with annoying wavey effect lines, especially when I am panning. I have checked the clips directly from the camcorder and they are clear and fine. I have checked the clips on my pc and they are fine and they are also fine when viewied on Sony Vegas. Once I have rendered though (AVI or WMV) I get an end result with wavey small lines that give a very blurring end result. I'm I missing something here? I have repeated the process on a few occassions with all the same results.

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    Could you get a screen grab of the problem. AND what render settings you are using.

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    Render info: PAL DV (720x576, 25.000 fps), output PAL DV avi.

    How do i place a screen grab on this forum as an example?



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    photo of problem
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    Sorry about this, Either my eyes are going or something but I can't see the wavy lines on your picture.

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    i see what you mean, it's doesn't show very well in that image!! i'll attched another, or maybe you could view
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    it is very minimal wavey lines, but certainly noticable within sony vegas editor. i would probably class it as distortion than anything, is it not something to do with interlace lines??

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    It looks like interlacing to me.

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    How would I remedy that please? Is it within settings of Sony Vegas? Chris.

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