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Thread: Still photograph stop animation music video

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    Lightbulb Still photograph stop animation music video

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jean-Paul De Roover - "Fix" Music Video[/ame]

    Stop Animation music video for Jean-Paul De Roover's song "Fix", from the album "Windows and Doors". This video used over 600 band-aids and is compiled of 2022 still photographs.

    Video by Shannon Lepere:

    Music by Jean-Paul De Roover.
    For info, songs, tour dates and more, visit:


    Would love to hear some feedback!

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    This has been really well done. I like the song as well. If only I had the patience to do this painstaking work. It was so well done that at first I thought it had been shot on video and then had frame reduction process done but then I realised that couldn't be done because of the band-aids that kept appearing.

    Good job.

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    I agree its very good indeed, also, using stills you obtain a very high resolution image. Very clever indeed.

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    Quite brilliant, You should have used a softbox to reduce the hand shadows

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    This is really impressive .. i love this kind of stop animation

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    impressive...did remind me of the old sledge hammer clip, I assume same methods used.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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