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Thread: Prob. w/ viewing adjustments in real time.

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    Default Prob. w/ viewing adjustments in real time.

    Hi, pls. forgive the title..don't know exactly how to phrase my Q in title form more precisely. Anyway, my issue is when I apply effects (all of them for that matter) & adjust the value of its parameters, I don't get to see the change in real time.

    I mean, when i use the mouse, say to scrub on the hot text field to make an adjustment, my preview doesn't update simultaneously. Only after I release the mouse button does it update. So I don't see the gradual change as I drag the mouse to adjust.

    But the thing is, the problem is solved when I hold down the 'alt' key as I drag the mouse. But I don't want to be doing that. Is this a common behavior for AE 6.5? If not, is there an option to change a setting somewhere to remedy this?

    Thanks in advance for any help provided.

    XP Pro P4 3.2g, 1g ram, ati 9800 pro

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    Default Pressing Alt for timeline update

    This was puzzling me also. Just seen your question on the Adobe forums. Toggling on the 'Live Update' button on the timeline seems to do the trick.

    The After Effects FAQs are very usefeul - all worth a browse.

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    Thanks a lot for the response tone 33! Sorry for the late response, just got to check my posting today...been quite busy & haven't gotten online that much.

    Yes, I did post it my Q in the Adobe forums, and yes it's a great resource for knowledge about their products. I was just a bit overwhelmed by the number of references you could link to...and a number of them are a bit advanced for me, as I am still trying desperately to learn AE.

    Also I don't find their user to user forums quite unorganized, seems that topics are scattered all over the place, or different line of questions all in one place. Found it easier to go here. Thanks again for the tip. Will try it out.

    More power to this site! :o

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