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Thread: MXF disaster and H.264 issues

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    Default MXF disaster and H.264 issues

    Hi guys.
    Firstly, I filmed a wedding with an EX1, and some where along the line only the footage clips were copied and saved, and not the audio. Quicktime and VLC both play back the footage with no soound, but when I go to open it in Vegas Pro8, it will not open. Just wondering if there was any way to let Vegas know it will only be footage coming in, and no audio. Not completely sure how MXF's work.

    Secondly, I also used a Canon 7d as the roaming camera. The footage format is H.264, which Vegas seems to recognise, as it adds to the timeline alright. The problem is that it lags, seemingly because of dropping frames. I have searched around online to find out if Vegas can edit/preview this format smoothly, but most forums are saying an outside converter program is needed.

    If anyone has any answers on either of these, I am very thankful.


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    You need to use a program like clip browser from Sony to import from EX1, saves dragging all those clips and folders in.

    The MXF should work in 8, as far as I remember there si on the one file with the audio in the and file.

    Try the demo of pro9 to see if that works...

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    Are the mxf files from the Sony EX1 different form the mxf files from the Panasonic HVX201 ?

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    [ame=]Material Exchange Format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

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    Thanks for the replies.
    Re: Clipbrowser, I have that which I usually use. The problem is that, the guy copied and pasted ONLY the video clips and not the audio, instead of dragging the whole BPAV folder. So when I attempt to open them in Vegas, it tells me the MXF files are damaged or imcomplete. Just wondering if there is a way to open ONLY footage and NOT audio.

    Not sure if the MXF files are the same from the Sony as Panasonic. I would assume so.

    Cheers again.

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    PS. Thanks Z Cheema for the MXF link. Well informed now. Just wish it would work...

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