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    Am in the process of editing my travel of asia, at the end of the timeline i want to have a slideshow of pics which ive narrowed down to 150 pics from 1000. just want some advice of the length of slideshow i should and of how many secs per pic ?

    if i use 3secs per pic then that'll make the slideshow around 7mins which might be too much ?

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    Only you can be the judge of what photos you really want in the slide show. 3 seconds sounds about right to me for each picture. So it's executive decision time for you.

    Good luck.

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    It all depends who your going to show it to. If its someone you dont like then make it 5 seconds per slide.

    Someone you dont know if you like or not, make it 4

    Someone you like then make it 3.

    To be serious for a second, don't make it too long otherwise people soon lose interest. We all have to wrestle with these decisions but in reality the viewers have no real idea just how much effort went into getting great pictures. Don't feel the need to cram them all in either. Some may need more than 5 seconds and others maybe only 2.

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    Actually Shrimpy has brought up a good point. Something I often do is give those pictures that I think are really mint an extra second AND lets say the less brilliant ones a bit less.

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    The background music can also play a role as that can be used to set the speed and pace of the photos, so the time could be different for every single image.

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