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Thread: Bit of a random 1, flash animations into *.avi

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    Default Bit of a random 1, flash animations into *.avi

    Please ignore this, I did post a stupid question about flash but I have found out myself, sorry

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    If you post a question and find an answer, it;s helpful to leave the original post and submit a new one to explain the solution - no matter how obvious the answer.

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    Yeah, i'd quite like to find out as well :-/

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    Default Bit of a random 1, flash animations into *.avi

    My previous question was about converting my flash animations into *.ai files, however if you export the file as an *.avi there is no problem unless you have a movie clip inside a movie clip, the way around this, is to publish your animation as *.mov and then import it to premier or another video editting software and then export it as *.avi, however i have not tried this myself yet but there is no reason why it shouldnt work, for some reason when I try to publish my flash animations into *.mov i get a message "the installed version of quicktime does not have a handler for this type of Macromedia Flash movie. Please consult the documentation for further information." what documentation should i consult?
    Thank you very much

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